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Station Map
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Click here for the list of 23 Cyclocity-Toyama stations and to download the map.

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Cyclocity-Toyama how to use the 23 stations available. Located approximately 300 to 500 metres apart, the stations are easy to get to and ideal for short trips. Find out how to hire and return a bike.

Introduction to the service

Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, Cyclocity-Toyama enables you to travel freely by day or night. Whether you use the service regularly or just occasionally, you can make an unlimited number of trips over the period of your subscription.

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Main terminal

A number of operations can be carried out on the terminal by following the instructions on the screen.
Users can consult the service as well as take out and return bikes.

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Bike stands

There will be 270 stands, the number per station varying according to the level of use. Stands are used for locking and unlocking bikes. When you return your bike, you will hear two beeps and see an indicator light come on, confirming that your bike is securely locked in place. If you have any difficulty or any doubts, call the call centre on 0120- 979- 496.

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